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Meet the Founder: Til Lowery

Til Lowery began her career in real estate in 1990, where she became a realtor in the state of Florida. Since, she has become a multi state licensed realtor, including in Texas. After 27 years in the business, Til has carefully developed her own and unique NO CREDIT CHECK system.

With her system, home buyers are able to get owner financing on:

She devised the perfect win-win program for home buyers and investors so that she could help families realize their dream of home ownership.

Til believes that if a family has saved as much as 15% or more for a down payment, they deserve to get any home they want. Using this fundamental principle, Til networks with top tier investors to get home buyers into the home they want, while helping the investors make a good return on investment.

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We call this a win-win system because rather than trying to force buyers into a home they don’t want, the investor is engaging in socially responsible investing. The investor is helping his/her neighbor realize the American dream of home ownership, while the home buyer is getting the home they selected.

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Our flexible terms are perfect for people who cannot qualify for a conventional loan. We believe that people deserve a SECOND CHANCE. It is critical for a family to choose their home and the school district they want because this determines their children’s destiny.

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When clients work with us, they are so grateful that we were able to help them when everyone else had turned them down. Home buyers realize their dream of home ownership and are able to rebuild their lives. One way we help is that timely payments are reported to credit bureaus. This helps our clients return to a credit worthy status and regain their independence to have a new beginning.

Our sincere hope is that you will be immersed in our culture of creating win-win situations for everyone and that you decide to work with us.

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Til Lowery is a licensed broker and realtor for over 27 years that developed a proven NO CREDIT CHECK, win-win program.

Til helps credit challenged families get into any home they want, regardless of their credit or their situation- as long as they have a strong down payment. She got into real estate in her early 20’s and later became the Vice President of the largest wire-hanger manufacturing plant in the United States. Since then, Til has returned to the real estate industry with a powerful program that helps home buyers and investors alike. Til successfully created and applied this program to help hundreds of families that could not qualify for conventional loans, including foreign nationals and self-employed people.

Til Lowery has a network of real estate investors, wholesalers, and agents that work together to deliver the American dream of home ownership for those that otherwise can not qualify.

Til Lowery is a licensed professional that conducts arms-length transactions

Home buyers can get owner financing on any home they want. Their cash is their credit.

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