How Does Our Program Work?

Have the banks hit you with so many credit requirements that you have completely given up on your dream of home ownership? Are you a self-employed individual or foreign national finding it impossible to get banks to trust you? We don’t care why your mortgage application has been turned down; we are here to help you buy any house you want.

With our program, there are no credit checks nor income verifications. We have helped hundreds of families with problems such as non-verifiable income, divorce, tax liens, delinquent medical bills, lack of social security number, and identity theft. We are eager to extend the same service to you because we believe everyone deserves to live the life he or she has always dreamed. Don’t let a financial oversight or mistake from the past bog you down and stop you from realizing your ultimate American dream.

Get in touch today to overcome all the obstacles in buying any HOME you want! You will be glad because we help make all your credit problems go away.

How Do We Get You a Mortgage?

The question is: how do we get you a loan when banks have turned you down? Under our TL Global System, we have built a network of real estate investors. We convince them to engage in socially responsible investing by loaning money at a slightly higher interest rate to people like you can have a second chance. And mind you, it takes a lot of convincing because they are tying up their cash for several years to make a few hundred dollars a month. These investors are regular people like you, wanting to build some passive income. They could be retirees, doctors, teachers or anyone with a good credit rating. The process is quite straight forward.

  • You work with a licensed realtor to find the house you want to buy. You don’t pay any commission to the realtor; they are paid by the seller. You don’t even have to find a realtor on your own because we can do this for you.
  • We match you up with an investor who will finance your home purchase. It means that the investor will buy the home for you and owner finance it to you. It’s called Owner Financing.
  • The loan will be serviced by a licensed third-party. You and the investor execute a promissory note specifying an interest rate and repayment schedule. You will get the home you selected a DEED in your name!
  • Finally, you will have all kinds of professional help such as an attorney, loan officer, title agency and support agency by your side to get you through the process.

How Does Our Program Benefit You?

  • You will be working with licensed professionals throughout the entire home-buying process.
  • Opportunity to build your credit rating while you make your monthly mortgage payments on time, so you can easily refinance with an FHA loan or conventional bank in the future.
  • Stress-free loan as no balloon payment requirements or pre-payment penalties.
  • Any appreciation in the property’s value or equity belongs to you 100%.
  • Tax deduction, home stead exemptions and other benefits.
  • And above all, you live the ultimate American dream of home ownership. You own a home, enjoying your privacy and freedom.