Frequently Asked Questions | Buyer Investor Match
Owner financing is when the buyer seeks financing directly from the person selling a property. In your case, this person will be a real estate investor.
The owner financing process is very straight forward. You pick any home you want. An investor will purchase the home for you, and sell (owner finance) it to you. Your cash is your credit.

Yes you can! Every situation is different, but we specialize in helping people who have been through tough circumstances (or just made mistakes in the past) to get started on the path to a great financial future and home ownership.

So fill out the form at the bottom of this page now and get your piece of the American dream!

There are a lot of benefits of owner financing! Lots of smart people are using owner financing as a way to get the home of their dreams without having to qualify for a bank loan. In the past few years, banks have been very tight on their lending criteria, making it harder for people to purchase homes.

Yes, the minimum down payment is 15%. The more you put down the lower the risk and the lower the interest rate.

Well, this program has been founded with the sole purpose of helping individuals and families who can’t qualify for a conventional mortgage. We have helped hundreds of families realize their homeownership dream even when everyone else has told them no.

We work with real estate investors who can acquire any home you want. They buy the house of your choice and owner finance it to you. It means that you will be financed from an investor, not a bank. It will be a fixed-rate mortgage which means the interest rate will remain unchanged until you pay the loan off.

Fill out the form on this page. Then, you will be directed to schedule an appointment for a live meeting with us.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. Because of this, we arrange to meet all our clients face to face for our initial meet to review the program from A-Z. This allows us to properly vet you as a reliable buyer and to get us all on the same page. We will be with you every step of the way on your journey to home ownership.

We take you through all the details of our program and explain exactly how we can get you any house you want with no credit check and no income check. We also get to know about you and your situation. We give you full disclosure and and expect honesty in return. If everything matches up, we can move forward.

If you absolutely cannot make it to one of our Houston offices, you can schedule a call with us by first, filling out the form on this page. We will determine your next steps together while on the call.

Yes, there is no pre-payment penalty, so as soon as your finances and/or credit are back on track you can re-finance into a traditional bank mortgage.

No. There are 25 other states that our program is currently able to work in

Yes. Our program works on any house in loanable condition. We do not work with buyers who are looking to rehab and "flip" houses.

Condos must be reviewed on a case by case basis given the higher risk.

We require ALL decision makers present because real estate can't be purchased without the approval and signature of all decisions makers present.

The entire process is very logical and transparent. Everything is on the table. Nothing is hidden. Everything is full disclosure. That’s the only way to do business. We teach you our entire program and until we are confident that you understand the program we will not move forward. All transactions are coordinated using a licensed lender and a licensed real estate broker that you can select. All of our closings are completed at a title company which is there to protect the interest of all parties.


You must have a credit challenge; you need to get trained and pass a competency test. You need a minimum of 15% down; a good attitude; and be a decision maker.

Your monthly payment will consist of standard components such as principle, interest, taxes, and insurance.

Closing costs are typically in the range of + - 4% of the purchase prices. You reimburse the investor for the exact closing costs and prepaids they pay to acquire the home.

Yes It’s easier to pay taxes and insurance monthly as you go instead of getting a big bill at the end of the year. When you sell or refinance the home you get your escrows back so it’s like having a savings account. 

It is a combined total of your principal, interest, taxes, insurance and your monthly note servicing fee which is typically $35 month. 

City Center 800 Town and Country Blvd STE 300 Houston TX For our initial meeting, we either present our no credit check program at our office or at the title company, where we close on houses.  

As soon as we have an accepted offer on the property you will need to put 10% earnest money to secure the property. The final amount is due at the closing.