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Buying a home is a big financial commitment and it’s for this reason that a home buyer can’t afford to make mistakes while dealing with his or her financial and legal obligations. The amount of money involved in a property transaction is so huge that each step has to be taken with utmost caution. It will be extremely difficult for a person who has never bought a home to meet these obligations which involve complicated paperwork. Needless to say, you will have to work with professionals to help you each step of the way.

Under our Buyer Investor Match program, we help credit-challenged people buy any home they want with owner financing. We make the process seamless and easy by providing to them all sorts of professional services through our partners and affiliates.

If you too are in the market looking for a home, here is what your home buying team should look like:

Real estate agent

A real estate agent’s first job is to find a home that fits in your budget and needs. A realtor will try to understand your requirements and then take you on a tour of your desired neighborhoods. Once you zero in on a home, the agent will help you come up with an offer price depending on the property’s location, size and condition. For this, the agent will perform a comparative market analysis (CMA), a study of home of similar size and condition that were sold in the same neighborhood in the recent past.

The agent will present the offer and negotiate with the seller and his or her listing agent. He will help you get through the closing process, scrutinizing every document that you sign.

Under our Buyer Investor Match program, the buyer has the option of working with a realtor from our team. An important thing to note is that you don’t pay anything to the agent out of your own pocket because it’s the seller who will pay your agent as well as the listing agent.

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Real estate attorney

A real estate attorney will help you with legal aspects of buying a home. Once your offer is accepted, the seller will want you to sign a purchase agreement. This document specifies various contingencies (conditions) with respect to financing, inspection, kick-out clause and appraisal. An attorney will review these contingences to ensure that they aren’t against your best interests. The lawyer will also look for any issues in the title search report or any spelling error in the documents that you are required to sign before and during the closing. He also plays the role of a coordinator among other professionals including real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title inspectors and note servicers.

Under our Buyer Investor March program, we work with a team of attorneys experienced specifically in residential real estate. Our lawyers scrutinize every document that you sign in an owner financing arrangement.

Home inspector

A home inspector plays an important role in a property transaction. Unless you are buying a property ‘as-is’, you will want to ensure that there are no major structural defects with the house. A licensed home inspector will perform an inspection of every nook and corner of the house and prepare a report. It will help you to negotiate repair costs with the seller.

Note servicer

In an owner financing arrangement, you will need to sign a promissory note. This document will specify your payment schedule, late payment fee and other details regarding the loan you have accepted from an investor in our network.

A note servicing agency will collect the monthly payment from you and then pay the investor who owner financed the home to you. The not-servicer will ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions of the mortgage.

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Title inspector

A title inspector will check if there are any liens or judgment on the property’s title, affecting the seller’s right to transfer the title in your name. The title inspector will review the records of the title from the past. The inspector helps you ensure that you are buying a property with a clear title.

Some other professionals you will likely work with include a mortgage broker and a certified personal accountant (CPA).

Here at Buyer Investor Match, we have a rubberstamp process when helping credit-challenged buyers realize their home ownership dream. Our team which includes all the professionals mentioned in this article repeats the same process every deal, eliminating any chances of mistakes.

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3 Steps to Homeownership

With No Credit Check or Income Verification
SCHEDULE : · Schedule a time to meet with us and learn how our proven system works.
PICK : · You pick any home you want, even a brand new home.
RECEIVE : · Get the keys to your dream home and a deed in your name with as little as 15% down.
Araceli and her family relocated from California. Self employed and unable to qualify for a loan, they used our program to get owner financing on a brand new home.

Three Steps to Homeownership

SCHEDULE : Schedule a time to meet with us and learn how our proven system works.

PICK : You pick any home you want, even a brand new home.

RECEIVE : Get the keys to your dream home and a deed in your name with as little as 15% down.